You spend many hours in the kitchen, and you want to ensure it works well for you. A full kitchen remodel is unnecessary, but you must make changes. You need to improve how your kitchen functions and possibly even where items are located as well. Small improvements to the layout and even to what appliances you have can make a big difference.

Looking at the Current Layout

Start by looking at the current layout and see if it is working for you. Do you find that you are back and forth trying to find the ingredients that you want? Or are you finding that you are wasting a lot of time moving around the kitchen when you are preparing a meal, or making a snack? If you have cabinets that are attached to the wall there may not be much you can do to change the physical layout. However, this doesn’t stop you from changing what is stored in each cabinet (or even how cabinets are used).

Setting A Budget

Once you have considered where you want to make changes, it is time to start putting together a budget. Even small changes have a cost attached to them. So, how much are you looking to spend, and how much can you afford to spend? Do you want to invest in new appliances to improve and upgrade your kitchen? If so, then how much do you want to spend per appliance? Do you want to introduce new storage, and if so, what type of storage – built-in or freestanding?

Adding a Coffee Station or Pod

You love a good cup of coffee, and who doesn’t/ However, does your kitchen currently have a dedicated space to create your cup of perfection? A coffee station or pod doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be fit for purpose. It has to be set up and ready for you to use each time. This means you need to have cups and mugs handy, and you need to have syrups and milk stored nearby (or in the station). When you have a coffee station or pod set up, you can then buy Fairtrade coffee when you want to, because you know you will have somewhere to store it and the perfect space to use it.

Having a Space to Eat and Drink

Even in small kitchens, it is important to have an area that can be used for eating and drinking. A small drop-down table or bar in smaller kitchens may be just as useful as a larger dining table. You want to make the most out of your kitchen and enjoy the dishes and drinks you prepare. To ensure this happens, you must create a dining space. Whether this is a permanent fixture or a moveable one, it is essential.

Utilizing the Cabinets and Cupboards You Have

You may have lots of storage space in your kitchen, but can you confidently say you are using all of the space as well as possible? Quite often, you can find that cabinets and cupboards are underutilized. You can find that cabinet space is wasted without the correct systems and solutions in place. Looking at cabinets and cupboards and making sure you are using the full height, width, and depth is necessary. Do not keep cupboards or cabinets as they are simply for convenience.

Top Tip: Introducing a New Color Scheme – A new color scheme can improve how a kitchen looks. So, why not look at painting the kitchen in durable and washable colors in earthy and light tones?