How many pints in a liter?

There are approximately 2.11338 pints in a liter.

Does 2 pints equal 1 liter?

No, 2 pints do not equal 1 liter.
One pint is equal to approximately 0.4732 liters, so 2 pints would be equal to approximately 0.9464 liters.
On the other hand, one liter is equal to approximately 2.1134 pints. Therefore, 1 liter is slightly more than 2 pints.

What is 1 liter equal to in pints?

One liter is equal to approximately 1.760 pints.

How many mL makes a pint?

There are approximately 473.176 milliliters (mL) in a pint.
The exact conversion factor is 1 US liquid pint = 473.176473 milliliters.
This conversion factor may vary slightly depending on the country or region where the pint is used, as different countries may have different standard measurements for a pint.